Friday, July 12, 2013

Pasadena Palimpsest

What a fascinating flea market find! At a flea market in Martinsville, IN I came across this small pamplet titled The Busch Gardens Pasadena California.  (It sells for $20 on  The version on ebay goes for $19.99 and is in much worse shape than the one I have. Mine cost 50 cents at the flea market. )  Pasadena's was the first Busch Gardens and was open from 1905 - 1937, though some sources state the dates as 1906 - 1938. By 1938 it was closed and the land sold off for subdivisions.  It was located just west of South Orange Grove Blvd in Pasadena, a bit north of the border with South Pasadena.

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